We as N&K Spedition, has in the past few weeks been mentioned in the news regarding the situation at Kurt Beier in Denmark.

We as a company do take responsibility to comply with the subcontractors used. We do hold certain standards towards our subcontractors and must admit that at some point we have failed in the chase for ensuring the standards being maintained by our subcontractors.

We must look inside at our own company and take part in the responsibility of the situations mentioned in the medias, and future wise, to obtain standards for all aspects according to legislation, moral and ethics.

Internally there has been changed accordingly, and increased resources for the quality department. A compliance manager has also been appointed, to increase focus on our internal compliance, and our external business partners as well as our subcontractors.

Together with other companies, we have adopted the demands from our customers, and implementing them into our own quality standards, to ensure sustainability and performance on all quality standards.

Short list on our actions:

Increased quality departments resources.
Appointed a Compliance Manager.
Increased focus on supplier audit.
Adapted to demands from Danish Crown.
Adapted to demands from customers.
Implemented the control sheet for living standards from Danish Crown.
Implemented a new set Code of Conduct.
Established a Whistleblower system.

Martin Gade Gregersen

CEO, N&K Spedition A/S