The market is struggling to find available capacity and drivers to drive the trucks.

Alonein Europe it is estimateda lack of appr. 45.000 drivers. The situation is the same across Europe,and Eastern Europe, whom are delivering a larger pile of the drivers in Europe.

At N&K Spedition this is also now being realized, and prices are evaluated to ensure sustainability, says Martin Gade Gregersen, CEO at N&K Spedition A/S.

“For a longer periodin 2017, we have seen a significant increase from our suppliers. This has been covered by ourselves the past time, but as the trend is keeping on, we must evaluate the prices for our transport services.”

Because of the economic development is on an upgoing trend, this is affecting the costs, and by the end, it will be the consumers who are to cover these raises through consumer goods.

All over Europe the economic development, and lack of capacity is creating bottlenecks. This is due to the significant increase of goods being transportedall over Europe, and this is causing extra costs put into the industry.

“we face the reality at the moment, but keeps a positive mindset” says Martin Gade Gregersen. “We adapt to the situation, but are confident that it’s also recognized in the market for sustainability, and flexibility of our transport services.”