N&K Spedition hold many years of experience for loading food products to Spain and Portugal.

We have customized trailers, so we can adapt to the customers demands.

Our trailer fleet consist of trailers with railhooks, for loading on christmas trees and eurohooks. So we can transport hanging meat products.

And we also do have trailers that are custom made to transport palletized goods.

but we are not limited, so at N&K Spedition we also have trailers with 2 cooling units, so we can transport both chilled and frozen in the same trailer unit. With this material in place, we are more flexible for our customers, if they have a larger or even smaller amount of food products to be transported.

Our operations load at several places in Poland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Holland and Belgium to be consolidated or transported directly to the destinations in Spain and or Portugal.

N&K Spedition arrive at the Meat markets in Barcelona and Madrid almost daily with several trailers, so the destinations are not unknown for N&K Spedition, and with the experience, we have at N&K Spedition, we can deliver most of the places within a short timeframe, according to our customers demands.